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Friday, July 30, 2010

it is necessary, first of all, to cease to consider art as a means to pleasure and to consider it as one of the conditions of human life.

Monday, July 26, 2010

If the work does not transmit the artist's peculiarity of feeling and is therefore not individual, if it is unintelligibly expressed, or if it has not proceeded from the author's inner need for expression - it is not a work of art. If all these conditions are present, even in the smallest degree, then the work, even if a weak one, is yet a work of art.
#34. I have mentioned three conditions of contagiousness in art, but they may be all summed up into one, the last, sincerity, i.e., that the artist should be impelled by an inner need to express his feeling. That condition includes the first; for if the artist is sincere he will express the feeling as he experienced it. And as each man is different from everyone else, his feeling will be individual for everyone else; and the more individual it is - the more the artist has drawn it from the depths of his nature - the more sympathetic and sincere will it be. And this same sincerity will impel the artist to find a clear expression of the feeling which he wishes to transmit.
Art, in our society, has been so perverted that not only has bad art come to be considered good, but even the very perception of what art really is has been lost. In order to be able to speak about the art of our society, it is, therefore, first of all necessary to distinguish art from counterfeit art.
(in contradiction to the prevalent view of today which regards any art as good if only it affords pleasure) considered, and consider, that art (as contrasted with speech, which need not be listened to) is so highly dangerous in its power to infect people against their wills that mankind will lose far less by banishing all art than by tolerating each and every art.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

sealing blood and final acrylic beads and oil today...looking fwrd to PAINing in my HUGe 11X14 mole skin hard bound stitched watercolor book
coming soon.............Coyotel Wrong Way Productions!...CWWP
the blood was spilled........40 PAINings in 40 days.......

Thursday, July 22, 2010

woke up on the foul side of the bed WATCH OUT! get out of my way I'm the hang man today and the judge and jury! fuck you MONSANTO!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

tired finished 7 PAInings exercised sodomized started fights edited some now gonna read a nice book on Physics, innovation, perception art
ever notice when people are leaving comments in these online social networks people confuse SMART words for SMART ASS WORDS
Perhaps internet crimes?
art in the eye of the beholder?Who is this beholder? whos he beholding to?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

WHAT IS ART? movie fan page
by denotation it's "art", in reality that's not art THAT'S ART SUPPLIES! You can't keep painting copies of STILLBORN Scooby-doo paintings
to strip away the outer veils of appearance in order to discover new ideal forms that lay hidden within realities

Monday, July 19, 2010

“ systematize confusion and discredit reality.”

Sunday, July 18, 2010

This problem is the artists"s problem not that of art institutions critics curators etc. Artists have to be held responsible for everything they do as well as for everything they DON"T DARE DO!
dreamt use of my "seed" in paintings felony saving my own seed Monsanto police sent me 2 prison
SUNDAY my gonna go load my gun day ain't gonna run day my read & do some INFLAMATORIALIT writin for my TRUE ART book......NO JURY NO PRIZES!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

How can it be that artists obey the art system and the System general, and not only obey it, but serve it, but want to serve it?
freedom is a destructive concept that involves the absolute elimination of limits

Friday, July 16, 2010

@ a. Cafe I listening 2 dolly parton readin The Art of Destruction talks about war ok the Art System
To truly know freedom, one must develop the human being until one makes sure that no authority has the possibility of existing

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Postmodernism is our global parent & we ask "why?" and that parent says "because I said so"
detached, dispassionate commodity driven parent
"There are only two kinds of artists-revolutionaries and plagiarists" - Paul Gauguin
after Postmodernism they want us to swallow GLOBAL WARMINGISM the next big cultural force lifestyle art fashion, politics etc..."GREENSPEAK"
the job of artists to "to think outside the boundaries of permissible thought and dare to say things that no one else will say." -Howard Zinn
had lunch with the WORLD STATE and he asked me point blank, "got any new ideas on how to monopolize violence?"
POSTMODERNISM IS THE FIRST GLOBAL MENTAL ILLNESS OF THE WORLD STATE ..."express yourself..........just like everybody else"

Tuesday, July 13, 2010



We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious
is the first duty of intelligent men.
—George Orwell

THE COYOTEL CORPORATION hereby Declares ART WAR on the ARTWORLD, on Sanctioned Culture, Sanctioned Rebellion, Sanctioned Religion, Sanctioned Belief, Consensus Reality, Consensus Denial. No longer will we accept the bankruptcy of the imagination of our times.

OUR ENEMIES are Boredom, Arbiters of Taste, Promoters of Postmodern Pablum, Advertisers of Mediocrity, Soulless Religions, Axis of Weasels, Flakes, Hangers-On, Time Wasters.

WE HEREBY DECLARE Our Enemies relegated to the kitsch and containment and control of the 2Oth Century Postmodern sanctioned "everything is art" propaganda and NO not everyone is an artist. Yes everyone can and should create but NOT EVERYONE IS AN ARTIST just as not everyone is a Scientist.

IN DECLARING ART WAR the COYOTEL CORE aims to Liberate Awareness, Anticipate Change, Unflinchingly Promote our Ideals, Liberty, Creativity, Humor.

BY SIGNING BELOW we pledge our hearts, spirits, and time to the formation of Creative Cultures, Authenticity of Being, Genuine Individuality, Passionate Interactions with Life.

HOW WILL YOU contribute to the Goals, Drive and Ambitions of ART WAR?



Steven Johnson Leyba
Author of “The Last American Painter”

Gigi Deluxe
DO NOT TELL ME "I prefer your work when it isn't too overtly sexual/violent"

Jerry Barksdale and
“We as artists have become an uninspiring collective. Stagnate in our ideals and presentation we continually attempt to pass off rehashed garbage as an act of creation. Creativity is dead and the artist is to blame. We’ve allowed every jackass with an instrument, a paintbrush, a camera, or a canvas to call themselves an artist. Our title has been usurped by mediocrity. We’ve catered to an undeserving, disinterested mass. We’ve became inclusive rather then exclusive. The average spectator feels just as much an artist as the master painter. Our works have been reduced to wholesale. Something readily discarded. To call myself an artist has become embarrassing…this title is an insult.

We have built ourselves a pedestal, as artists are a narcissistic people. We errantly parade ourselves as architects of emotion. Our way of life has became a sought after illusion. In an attempt to glorify our position as artist we’ve mangled the very term. Groveling for acceptance from the masses we cling to the latest ideas and trends losing sight of our one true goal….to reach deep within our humanity and pull out a piece of ourselves that others are unwilling or incapable of seeing within themselves. The artist acts neither as catalyst nor as architect. We are simply a candle in the darkness, exposing those small pieces of human nature rather left buried.

To those of us truly inspired: are we even aware of our job as an artist? Is it to promote our brand, to hand out fliers and peddle our merchandise like some fucking street vendor? Is it the accumulation of fan and status that inspires us to create? This is what we have been reduced to; this is the New Way of art.

In a culture of complacency and inaction we are encouraged to accept this New Way. We have become puppets of corporation, tools of their mass marketing schemes. We should rid these ills from our conscience and once again reach deep within and reclaim our title as “artist”. This is the Art War to me. An attempt to reclaim art as art rather then a piece of readily discardable merchandise.

The artist should be confrontational, aggressive and explicit. Our art should expose our deepest secrets, destroy social convention and should encourage others to question themselves. It should be obscure and occult; it should be hidden from the passerby. Art should be embarrassing; it should mirror our desires, mirror our disgusts, mirror our fears, and mirror our insecurities. If our art does not these things then it is nothing more than social mimicry and we, the artist, have failed.”

Marissa Raine Miller

“To be human is to be an artist and we procrastinate because we're afraid of achieving our full potential because to do so is very hard and requires much failure.”

“Subvert the converted”

Mike Hammarberg

“Art Militia hereby declare Art War on everything!
In a time where we as artists should lean back and just take all the shit they're shoveling we rise. We rise above the religious dogmas, poltical harlotry and the view of what art should be, and we aim to destroy it all.
We must never settle for being inside the frames, always push outwards and rip the frames apart. If people ask for nature-art we give them industrial. If people ask for fucked up expressionism we will give them minimalistic colorfields. If people ask for a watercolor-painting we paint with coal and blood. We must always paint what we are and feel, never ever what anyone else wants. We will take back the word ARTIST from all those who claim it these days. We will bleed our innermost feelings out on canvas, wood, glass, walls or whatever is available. We are also to blame for letting us be bought, letting us give up control of our work.
The same second we stop giving our most in our art, they have won.
People may think this is a joke, but it is WAR. A war on boredom, on people telling us what is and isn't "tasteful" or beautiful, or the view on what art is. We as artist must reclaim the word and make it meaningful again.
Art is what we breathe, and it's the blood that keeps pumping through our veins. It's just not "something you do in your sparetime", it never was just a hobby. For us Art Warriors it is and always will be so much more.
When you breathe, bleed, cry, laugh, work for something it's worth fighting for, living for and even dying for. This ART WAR is now, today, tomorrow and always.”

Elija Van den berg
“…Amongst the younger people this might be the case, anyway, you have to encourage yourself, YOU have to change what is happening...
not so much with some of the people from my own generation, i just look at Max Lerou, the poetry slam organiser (56) Q 65 guys (both 65), armand, dutch protest singer (63) Nicko Christiansen (59) his base player Jeroen, who is around the same age and who has dropped out of forced registration and ID, terminated his TV subscription etc. Marcellus a painter from Rotterdam who has done same, Ben van Es galley owner who shows renegades, my friend Gary here in England who paints peaceful pictures with gunpowder (VERY creative!!! needs a special license for the gunpowder.) What a statement!!! None of them particularly blessed in the looks department, none of them interested in money and/or fame. Art is there to make people think, to give them pleasure, as a meeting place for likeminded people, well you know me, I am a peace freak hippy, WARS NEVER solve anything, they just kill lots of innocent people, mostly women and children - they do not ever matter anyway, only rich men (Rich mans war, John Trudell) - who are usually brown. Or black. Or Muslims, or all three. I try not to mind too much what happens to me and more what happens to this society. I try and stay creative. And positive. Not easy when you are homeless half the time and ill.”

Mark Powell

I am truly honored to have had some influence on the Coyotel aesthetics. It is truly important work you are doing, I am inspired. I must make special note of the Declaration of War on the eye of the beholder. Something I have argued recently. This neither here nor there attitude of all art is in the eye of the beholder, it is all ultimately subjective and that art cannot not be measured, NONSENSE!! I say.
Of course standards exist and one strives to meet those standards.

Another problem is the question of work, which many of the so called slacker artists and video artists and lay-abouts who probably do not come from working class families, who, thanks to their privileged circumstances are able to worm their way into galleries and publications and not do any real work, for them art need not require any real effort.

I have seen for example an artist video themselves lying in a bath tub and submit it as art. This actually got onto a television arts program. Well for a person who has had to work in factories, warehouses, unloading shipping containers and sifting through shit (literally) at a recycling plant, I understand the importance of work, art requires effort. It also goes to those who believe an artist is someone who can just point at something and it becomes art. This seems to exist elsewhere in our culture too, celebrities these days do not have to actually DO anything, they just are. There is a class of people who have enabled the least among us to rise to the top. We should look to Levi's illustration of Baphomet where the hands represent the sacredness of work and the flame of the imagination burns brightly above.

And as for ART WAR, I will contribute by continuing to make art that is true to myself.

Lydia Lunch

this just caused me to imagine a sequel to the old 70s movies "westworld" and "futureworld". you can buy a ticket to go there and drink wine with robot pop-surrealists and robot artists that never produce artwork _Steve Hapy
hr bike ride fruit fiber 4 breakfast now fish & a salad for lunch, multivitamins and already a week without drink WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?
after a "mainstream" evening hanging out with my friend Mark and his son I did some sober acrylic PAINing on 15 PAINings then bled on them

Monday, July 12, 2010

Compiling dictionary 21st Century Art terms 4 book TRUE ART "Stillborn Art" "New Infantilism" "Nart (not art) "Frivolous Art" got ideas?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Special price on What is Art? DVD with cover art by Steve Hapy
in FBI special training, crazy physical regime and even art classes human hair brushes

Friday, July 9, 2010

leyba news feed blackout
Not feelin this "Internet Superstar" promotion bullshit all it gets me is a bunch of psychos & hollow promises. I may just walk away & PAINt
Store up movie "What is Art? & latest book "Sexpressionist Portraits" original art BUY SOME!
As much as I like watching "Disasternography" it's looking lke "They" r gearing us up 4 some home invasions and some supernatural disasters

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

will be uploading more ole United Satanic Apache Front performance videos shortly on facebook & youtube... stay tuned....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

that haunting feeling that you are the best at something and you strive to be even better but you know in your heart that means alienation
off to the city to roll some bones & cages

Monday, July 5, 2010

NOT A DEATH WARRANT but i am forced to make some serious CHANGES in this LEYBA LIFE.....DON"T TREAD ON THEE!
whatever it is I'M AGAINST IT!
of blue landscapes and mimesis
more remote viewing into past High 8 tapes Rokoff has from the
almost 10 years ago for PAINing POORtraits